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The working poor are more likely to escape poverty in the longer run than the "welfare" poor.
Various questions need to be asked: How will unforeseen events impact working capital requirements?
She said she did not want to continue working as a checkout clerk after she became eligible for retirement.
Part of what makes a big difference between middle class and working class women in Baltimore, Johnson notices, is purely cultural.
While the news media replayed the crash footage and the burning buildings, working people were able to turn to the Internet for information and action.
Recent scholarship has emphasized the place of gender in the formation of British working class identity during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
After working with Manpower for a certain amount of rime, Mohammed could also be eligible for health benefits, vacation, and other perks.
I don't see anyone changing their minds about working those hours, either,'' said Ed Coburn, spokesman for Circadian Technologies Inc.
A Hoyt Lecturer in 1977, he spent 42 years working for Amsted Industries, Inc.
In mainstream liberal opinion, support for full-time mothering is usually equated with naive nostalgia, while working mothers are often portrayed as victims of sexism, culturally imposed guilt, and benighted public policies.
The process of assessment involves working alongside the client for the entire testing time, completing the same functional activities together.
2 million Americans were working out of their homes in 1995.
We've learned that it doesn't make any sense to have someone who is working 16 hours a week come in 8 hours each on Monday and Tuesday, because he or she will leave at 4:30 on Tuesday and receive a phone call at 4:45 -- and the person won't be back for five days," reports Gary Shamis, managing partner of Ohio-based Saltz Shamis & Goldfarb.
He expressed his concern about an economy where corporate chief executives' salaries are skyrocketing while most working people's are stagnating.
In reality, it is made up of five individuals working without any common direction or vision for the practice.