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a fast worker

One who is able to navigate a complicated, nuanced, or difficult situation in order to gain an advantage for themselves. A figurative use of the phrase's literal meaning, "one who is able to work quickly." Promoted to manager in less than half a year? My, he's a fast worker, isn't he? But the actress is a fast worker, deftly maneuvering through the more emotionally charged material to give her character an immediate presence in the film.
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bad workers always blame their tools

If someone performs a job or task poorly or unsuccessfully, they will usually lay the blame on the quality of their equipment, or other such external factors, rather than take responsibility for their own failure. The football player blamed the overinflated ball for costing his team the game, but as they say, bad workers always blame their tools.
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black-collar worker

Someone who tends to wear black clothing and, typically, is employed in a creative field. The term is formed on the model of "blue-collar" and "white-collar." Honestly, the black-collar workers employed by that designer really intimidate me—they just seem so cool!
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a fast ˈworker

(informal) a person who wastes no time in gaining an advantage, especially a person who can quickly gain somebody’s affection: She’s a fast worker! She’s only been here a few days and already the boss has invited her for dinner!
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black-collar workers

n. people, usually affected, who wear black all the time. (Contrived. A play on white-collar and blue-collar workers.) I hate to go over to the gallery. It’s filled with black-collar workers. Reminds me of the Adams Family.
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This enormous megaphone of unchallenged opinion has partially succeeded in convincing Americans that without continued access to millions of foreign workers, America's economy will wither on the vine, and that the best way to stop illegal immigration is to pass guest-worker legislation.
According to the report, three in every four building industry workers both live and work in New York City, including 72 percent of all construction workers.
Workers' Compensation (WC) laws are designed to ensure that employees who are injured or disabled on the job are provided with monetary awards.
Early on, whichever form the activity took, the black workers behind it were fired, blacklisted and attacked by police, militia and mobs.
Under these immigration reform proposals, the Department of Labor, with the same lack of political will to enforce worker protections it displays at present, would have a new charge.
Under the current rules, employers may have to provide employee benefits to a worker classified as an independent contractor for withholding purposes.
"For some reason, the security that Celanese has hired feels the need to videotape our houses, videotape our children in the yard," says Steve Floyd, a locked out worker. "We see them twice a day at the minimum.
As Susan Hirsch points out at the beginning of her impressive study, workers at the Pullman Company make two dramatic appearances in the annals of American history.
Given that males come from unfertilized eggs, a worker of a singly mated queen would on average share more genes with a nephew--the son of one of her sisters--than with a brother.
Social Service Worker/ Registered Social Service Worker are generally holders of a two-year certificate in social services from a community college.
When interviewed by NYSDOH staff, the patient reported that she was a laboratory worker (laboratory worker 2) at laboratory 2.
This number recorded an increase rate of 0.5% compared to the figures logged last June, which reached 1,623,672 expatriate workers.
Muscat: The total number of the expatriate workforce in the Sultanate reached 1,604,158 expatriate workers at the end of last April.