work toward

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work toward (something)

1. To expend the time, effort, and energy required to reach or achieve some particular goal or position. Sarah's been working toward a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering. I'm really working toward a promotion at the moment, so I've kind of let my social life go by the wayside.
2. To exert oneself physically in order to reach or move in the direction of someone or something. The conditions were become worse by the second, but I had to keep working toward the campsite.
3. To exert oneself physically in the attempt to move something in the direction of someone or something, especially very slowly or in incremental degrees. In this usage, a noun or pronoun is used between "work" and "to." We all helped to work the giant stone slab toward the bed of the truck. I was on my own, so I just took my time and worked the old washing machine toward the curb.
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work toward something

1. . to progress toward a goal, such as a promotion. He was working toward a position with the new company. She was working toward a law degree when the accident happened.
2. . to struggle physically to move toward something or some place. The turtle worked toward the water despite the hot sun. I worked toward the cabin in the forest, fighting mosquitoes all the way.
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work toward

1. To exert oneself in order to achieve some goal: I enrolled in college last year and I am working toward a degree in medicine.
2. To move something or someone in the direction of something or someone by exerting effort: I caught a large fish on my line and slowly worked it toward the boat.
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