work around (someone or something)

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work around (someone or something)

To manage or be forced to accomplish or achieve something in spite of or while avoiding some problematic person or thing. We've come to the conclusion that we just have to work around our boss's bad advice if we ever want to get anything done in the office. The main problem with having a home office is having to work around my rambunctious young children. It's not ideal, but we'll find a way to work around your absence next week.
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work around someone or something

to manage to do one's work while avoiding someone or something. He is being a problem, but he will have to leave pretty soon. You'II just have to work around him for now. You have to work around the piano. It is too heavy to move.
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work around

1. To wrap or pass something around something by repeated, continuous, or applied effort: The knitter worked some decorative stitching around the edge of the sleeve.
2. To achieve a goal in such a way as to avoid some difficulty: Can we work around the problem, or do we have to solve it?
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References in classic literature ?
Slowly the old man worked around until the body lay directly behind the outlaw, and then with a final rally and one great last burst of supreme swordsmanship, he rushed Norman of Torn back for a bare step--it was enough; the outlaw's foot struck the prostrate corpse; he staggered, and for one brief instant his sword arm rose, ever so little, as he strove to retain his equilibrium; but that little was enough, it was what the gray old snake had expected, and he was ready.
International team worked around the clock to sequence Ebola's DNA for vaccines and drugs - and learn it is mutating more quickly in humans than in animals
are considered out of date by the software, the company wrote on its blog.<p>Symantec has worked around the problem by issuing updates with new revision numbers but with the Dec.
Contractors have worked around the clock to complete the 11-month work on the busy stretch of motorway running through Birmingham.
Instead of asking car owners in to move their vehicles, the resurfacing team contracted by Flintshire County Council worked AROUND them, leaving a patchwork of old and new Tarmac.
Over the course of two weeks, the seven-man team worked around the clock developing the system, using leftover armor designed for a humvee and an air conditioner built for another vehicle system to complete their makeshift product.
Those teachers in the Catholic system who are loyal to the Church have always worked around the lousy textbooks we have been given by the Ontario bishops.
Maintainers worked around the clock to keep the jets at top performance, and crews put in long days of planning to execute the missions.
Scott's group worked around the clock to provide situation reports on a daily basis reporting on everything from road, rail and port status to requests for busses, equipment and refrigerated reefers and other relief supplies.
Zalewski notes that security concerns don't simply stem from a set of isolated faults that can be worked around, but represent issues associated with every process and system, and therefore they need to be understood and studied within that broader and more comprehensive context.
So far View Buildings has field worked around a quarter of England although there isn't a real timetable for the rest.
We are extremely fortunate to have assembled such a talented group of employees that has literally worked around the clock to make this happen.
For three days, rescuers worked around the clock to save nine miners who were trapped 240 feet underground, in Pennsylvania's Quecreek Mine.
During the encounters, many people worked around the clock to process unprecedented data and images.