work yourself/somebody to death

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work (someone)/(oneself) to death

To make someone or oneself work too hard or for excessively long hours. I have worked myself to death renovating this house, and I'm glad to say that it has all been worth it. Your working the entire department to death. You need to give them a break or they'll burn out before we get the project off the ground.
See also: death, work

ˌwork yourself/somebody to ˈdeath

(informal) work, or make somebody work, very hard: That company is working him to death.She works herself to death and nobody ever thanks her for anything.
See also: death, somebody, work
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If the government owns the land, work yourself to death, do no leave your office until you have finished your job,' he said.
Why work yourself to death, or in the state of oblivion
But the point is not to work yourself to death on holiday neither to choose a cold, horrible destination because it's 'green'.
Besides which, if the dough is too stiff, you'll work yourself to death trying to get it through the hobl and into the water