work (oneself) into a lather

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work (oneself) into a lather

To become very nervous, distressed, or upset. Don't work yourself into a lather just because you don't think your job interview went well. I told Mom that we'll get there on time, but she's worked herself into a lather about us leaving behind schedule.
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work oneself (up) into a lather

 and work oneself (up) into a sweat 
1. and work up a sweat Lit. to work very hard and sweat very much. (In the way that a horse works up a lather.) Don't work yourself up into a lather. We don't need to finish this today. I worked myself into a sweat getting this stuff ready.
2. . Fig. to get excited or angry. (An elaboration of work oneself up to something.) Now, now, don't work yourself up into a lather. He had worked himself into such a sweat, I was afraid he would have a stroke.
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work oneself into a lather

See also: lather, work
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