work wonders

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work wonders

To produce excellent results or be extremely effective, especially unexpectedly. You'll love this new face cream. It works wonders on my wrinkles. It's amazing how the overhead lighting works wonders with this room—it's like an entirely new space.
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work wonders (with someone or something)

to be surprisingly beneficial to someone or something; to be very helpful with someone or something. This new medicine works wonders with my headaches. Jean was able to work wonders with the office staff. They improved their efficiency as soon as she took over.
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work wonders

Succeed, produce a good outcome, as in The new coat of paint works wonders with this bedroom, or The physical therapy has worked wonders with these patients. Literally meaning "perform miracles," this term has been used somewhat more loosely since the 1700s. Also see work like a charm.
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work wonders

COMMON If someone or something works wonders, they have a very good effect on something. A few moments of relaxation can work wonders. The new manager has worked wonders at the club.
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work (or do) wonders

have a very beneficial effect on someone or something.
1997 Paul Wilson Calm at Work While it is true that holidays work wonders for the relief of stress, the relief is only temporary.
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work/do ˈwonders/ˈmiracles (for/on/with somebody/something)

(informal) have a very good effect (on somebody/something); quickly succeed: Getting the job did wonders for her self-confidence.This washing powder will work miracles on those difficult stains. ▶ ˈmiracle-worker noun: I just don’t have enough time to finish it. I’m sorry, but I’m not a miracle-worker.
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Bergamot too can also work wonders against nausea and flatulence, as can a handful of lemon verbena leaves, which also have the added bonus of solving insomnia and nasal congestion.
But if you don't have Bobby's natural looks underneath, don't worry it work wonders for men with a weak or flabby chin too.
The original kitchen refacing company can work wonders with your existing kitchen units and worktops - for only a fraction of the cost you would expect to pay for a complete new kitchen.
Commonsense can work wonders. Boundary Commissioners should try it
Tuning your friend out can work wonders, but who wants to be surrounded by white noise all the time?
Just small, gradual changes for the better can work wonders.
What you need is this simple device - it will work wonders for your upper body.
A little bit of collagen carefully applied Will work wonders for her lips And,as for the dreaded cellulite We'll soon remove that from her hips.
PROVING that a really bad, out of tune rendition out o ofOcw of Hit Me Baby One More Time can work wonders for one's career, Pop Idol flop Darius, 31, has landed his biggest gig to date.
You may never sail the South Seas - but saying, "I have to do this for ME" can work wonders
Say a little prayer It can work wonders, I hear We all have our troubles you know A true friend will never let you down We all have our troubles, you know