work with

work with (someone or something)

1. To use some material in the creation of one's work. I usually work with acrylics, but I'm going to try out oil paints for this piece. I always hate working with this kind of clay.
2. To utilize some tool, instrument, or other apparatus in the performance of some labor or activity. He had never worked with heavy machinery like that before. Are you comfortable working with a concrete saw?
3. To cooperate with someone in order to perform some task, activity, responsibility, etc. You'll be working with Karen on this project. We are currently working with police from across the border to solve this case.
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work with someone or something

to manipulate or work on someone or something. Let me work with him for a while. I'll convince him. I want to work with this engine and see if I can get it started.
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work with something

to do work with some tool or instrument. She is working with a chisel now. In a minute she will switch to a tiny knife. Do you know how to work with a voltmeter?
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References in classic literature ?
These were the ambitious youths of the race, at work with an earnestness that put to shame the conventional student life of most educational institutions.
"These workers bring an increased number of ailments that they'll continue to work with, and employers are putting more emphasis on wellness programs and disease management.
In addition to longtime collaborators like Black and visual artist Ralph Lee (she has been working with his aluminum cubes since 1999), young choreographers and dancers are eager to work with her.
Operation lob Match and MITE both work with employers to help create placement options.
I'm thinking here neither of the activities of Fred Wilson, Renee Green, and Mark Dion, who tend to work with historical objects outside of art museums, nor of the activities of artists like Jeremy Deller, who organize events as curators might, but rather of projects where the artist is more straightforwardly the curator of artworks.
Megill describes himself as both a "published professional philosopher" and a "transformer of organizations and people." Much of the inspiration for this book comes from Megill's work with the U.S.
Teachers work with field scientists to implement a variety of ecological research and monitoring projects on federal agency land.
Understanding the relationship between stress and distress can allow vocational personnel to work with consumers in finding positions that maximize productivity and minimize the experience of distress (Steinfeld & Danford, 1999).
We applied these many considerations in our work with Don.
Most of us who aren't desperately fighting for life right now might have some ability to work with some of our time.
Social work, steeped in individualism, has fewer theoretical or practical insights into how to work with people who are strongly collectivist.
"I have a high desire to give back to the community, and I wanted to work with a different client base," says Matthews, 40.
Work was something that was very far off, unrealistic, maybe they'd like to work with children, be a physician.
He was known for his work with foundry sand control.