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So we can work until we drop while they can retire on gold-plated pensions.
Then there will be plenty to go around and we won't need to work until we drop dead.
It is our duty to be physically fit for as long as our father God allows us to live: ideally, we work until we drop dead.
Not only does it want us to work until we drop into our graves, thus rewriting our culture heritage so the notion of a deserved "happy" retirement is consigned to the history books.
That may sound pessimistic but with VAT increasing, capital gains tax on the up and the Government trying to make us work until we drop he's probably got a point because life won't be worth living anyway.
Put simply, this Government want us to work until we drop.
One housing worker outside Civic Centre 3 in Huddersfield said: "In a supposedly civilised country such as ours it is disgusting that we are forced to work until we drop dead.
REGARDING 24-hour drinking, I think it's a cunning plan by the government in the hope that, once plastered, we will no longer care about high taxes, the economy going bust, having t o work until we drop because they've stolen our pensions, not notice the cold this winter when the gas is turned off then catch the flu because we couldn't get the jab and can't be treated because there isn't enough Tamiflu
But in a world where we will probably work until we drop dead and could be surgically remade well into our second century, why do we need to have everything sorted by 25?
Perhaps, before Colin goes off on his walks, he would like to tell us how Parliamentarians can award themselves such high inflation-boosting pensions, while, at the same time, Parliament and the CBI tell the rest of us that we are going to have to work until we drop -- well, 70 years of age -- just to qualify for the meagre stipend that is the state pension.
Translation: formally renege on the promise by compelling us to work until we drop dead, all the while suffering the perpetually growing Social Security deduction from our paychecks.
Not satisfied with robbing us all blind by making us pay council tax, while cutting council budgets and services, now George Osborne wants to make us all work until we drop.
So far the systematic starvation of our pensions and the recession-induced ravages which mean that many thousands will have to work until we drop has been received without retort by those most deeply affected.
Now we have David Blunkett getting in on the act, declaring that we should work until we drop.
Watching Benefits Street has now explained to me why we taxpayers will probably have to work until we drop.