work under

work something under something

to manipulate something beneath something. She worked the knife blade under the window and tried to pry the window up. Work the envelope under the office door. She will find it when she opens the door in the morning.
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work under someone

to have one's work supervised by someone. I work under Michael, who is head of the department. Who do you work under?
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work under something

to work underneath something. I have to work under the car for a while. Please don't start it. The plumber had to work under the house to fix the pipes.
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However, this does not mean that social work education program can just produce its own group of social workers, because the social workers they train need to work under the remit imposed by the MoCA.
This approach contrasts markedly with South Yorkshire Police, where such areas as communications use the regulation system, while patrol officers work under the Ottawa system.