work it/things

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work it

Arrange, bring about, as in We'll try to work it so that the board meets tomorrow. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
See also: work

ˈwork it/things (so that...)

(informal) plan something carefully to get the result you want; organize or arrange something: Can you work it so that we get free tickets?I worked things so that I could take all my leave in July and August.
See also: thing, work
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WASHINGTON, March 13 (KUNA) -- President Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto are "trying to work things out" after he cancelled a trip to the White House last month.
For a few months, I was in a friends-with-benefits situation with a guy who was trying to work things out with his ex.
Dear Coleen FOR a few months, I was in a friends-with-benefits situation with a guy who was trying to work things out with his ex.
The Asian Football Confederation has now postponed those February 24 and March 1 games to May 3 and April 20 and said it will assign those Champions League matches to neutral venues in third countries if Iran and Saudi Arabia don't work things out quickly.
He said, eventually we will come to the point when we will sit together, put our hands together and work things out.
Not trying harder to work things out, rushing into marriage, not having separate bank accounts, marrying someone with a history of walking out and becoming complacent were also listed on the biggest marriage regrets.
The players must learn to dip a toe in and work things out.
In a radio interview, Hollywood admitted he had an affair but said he was trying to work things out with his estranged wife.
Is there any way we can work things out with the relationship I have been in?
Sunita and Dev have had more ups and downs than a day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach, but with tensions strained between the couple once more, will they manage to work things out?
Though there is no official statement either by Bips or the makers on the film, reports suggest they are trying to convince the Bong bombshell and are ready to work things out.
She is very angry with him but she still loves him and is prepared to listen to him and try to work things out.
We may not to work things out, but in the end of the day & in my heart I will always know: with our type of love forever aint enough.
Humayun Akhtar says that news of Ch brothers efforts to woo in dissident members are just mere rumours and we are ready to work things out but the Ch brothers are adamant to keep the top slots of the party within their family and such double standards are unacceptable to us.
Preaching that God has a plan for us all and letting God's hand work things out, it also gives practical advice on finding a new career, managing one's finances, and dealing with other issues that come up when changing careers.