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Contract award: Development work the room on the 1st floor in the house of the Abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Riquier.
And they aren't buying any argument about time constraints, because, according to the letter, Perry had "ample time to work the room by shaking hands.
It's bewildering to be treated like I'm hip in Hollywood,'' Ashitey said as she watched Owen work the room.
Power people eat beforehand, have an agenda, work the room and accomplish their goals for meeting new people and reinforcing existing connections.
He learned to work the room, to shake hands and laugh deeply in that way that makes people feel like they're at home, even in the company of strangers.
2) RICCI (LEFT) AND OSBOURNE: Glam girls work the room
Tantalizing family secrets are intimated as bridesmaids and groomsmen work the room.