work over

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work someone or something over

to give someone or something a thorough examination or treatment. The doctor really worked me over but couldn't find anything wrong. They worked over the patient but found nothing.
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work someone over

1. to threaten, intimidate, or beat someone. Walt threatened to work Sam over. Max had worked over Sam, and Sam knew that this was no idle threat.
2. . to give someone's body a thorough examination or treatment. The doctors worked her over to the tune of $1,500, but couldn't find anything wrong with her. The dermatologist worked over her entire body looking for moles.
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work something over

to rework something. He saved the play by working the second act over. Would you work over this report and see if you can improve it?
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work over

Beat up, as in The secret police worked him over and he's never been the same. [c. 1920]
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work over

1. To do something for a second time; rework something: The studio requested that we work the film over and give it a happy ending.
2. To dominate one's opponent in a contest, conflict, or competition: Our team really worked their team over in the final game of the season. We need to get more defensive, or they'll work us over.
3. To criticize, scold, or ridicule someone harshly: The sergeant will work you over if you don't stand at attention.
4. Slang To inflict severe physical damage on someone or something; beat up someone or something: If you don't do what the gang leader tells you to do, he'll work you over.
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Bangladesh Oil, Gas and Mineral Corporation (Petrobangla) is actively pursuing a program for increasing recovery from existing gas fields by work overs of producing wells and also by installing gas wellhead compressors.
The compensation arrangements recognise the fact that the lateral sections of these wells will no longer be accessible for work overs once their well heads have been sealed.
The fourth rig, for work overs and completions, is available when needed.
The transfer, coupled with other reserve additions due to drilling and work overs have resulted in an increase in proven reserves of 2.
By acquiring licences now, performing modest geological studies and work overs rather than new developments, we are able to acquire licences at modest cost.