work oneself up into

work (someone or something) up into (something)

1. To develop, grow, or expand something into something larger or more complicated. We're working the author's short story up into a feature-length film. My grandfather spent his whole life working this small business up into the dominant global force that it is today.
2. To cause someone, some group, or oneself to enter an intense, typically negative mental or emotional state. I started working myself up into a panic thinking about all the things that could go wrong during the interview. The politician worked the mob up into a frenzy during his rally. His words began working her up into a rage.
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work oneself up into something

1. . Lit. to struggle to raise oneself upward into something or some place. I worked myself up into the top of the tree. I worked myself up into the rafters of the barn and couldn't get down.
2. . Fig. to bring oneself into an extreme emotional state. I worked myself up into a state of hysteria. Don't work yourself up into hysteria.
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The point is to work oneself up into a frenzy of painterliness, each gesture synergistically interacting with every other, to create a kind of orgasmic resonance.