work down

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work down

1. To reduce something in size, scale, or amount. A noun or pronoun can be used between "work" and "down." The store said they'd be able to work down the price by a couple hundred dollars since we'll be buying in such large quantities. We'll have to work the prototype down to a more compact design.
2. To use a lot of force in order to manipulate something into a downward position (in, on, or over something else). A noun or pronoun can be used between "work" and "down." You'll have to really work this piece down before it will snap into place. It was a lot harder to work down the lever than I was expecting.
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work something down (over something)

to manipulate something downward over something. Now, you work this part down over this little tube, and then it won't leak. Liz worked the lid down and tightened it on.
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work something down

to lower or reduce something, especially an amount of money. Over a few months, they worked the price down, and the house soon was sold. They worked down the price so much that the house was a steal.
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work down (the line) (to someone or something)

to progress through a series until someone or something is reached. I will work down to the papers on the bottom gradually. You can't hurry this kind of work. We will work down the line to Katie. We have to work down to the last one. They are working down the line as fast as they can, but everyone has to be taken in order.
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Dad Simon puts his lack of work down to his son's mild autism.
Robert Sutcliffe in Saturday's Examiner says he doesn't think he'll watch the new BBC drama of Lawrence's book in which he thinks the sex is overplayed, but really Lady Chatterley is about the class system of this country, Lawrence was born in a mining village and objected to the unfair dominance of intellectuals over the working class and demonstrates his dislike of the cruel mine owners over the men that work down the pit.
Valeant said it has conducted extensive due diligence on Salix's stand-alone wholesaler inventory levels, stand-alone inventory work down plan, and associated potential litigation and regulatory exposure.
But Cahill relieved the tension on a wet and chilly evening by slamming home the equalizer in the 33rd minute after smart work down the right from Luongo.
Our selection of the best of your messages to our Twitter and Facebook sites on Coventry and Warwickshire sayings Somebody here made a comment that there is a hint of Yorkshire in some of our terms and phrases, so does this sort of lingo derive from the mining days where the northerners come down this way to work down the pits?
Who would have thought men would work down below, It is really amazing that is a place men would go.
Judged on his work down the Cambridge Road Polytrack he's ahead of the handicapper and represents the week's best bet.
On thefts at the Christmas market I used work down the Rag Market.
Gavin Wheeldon claims translators resistant to new working conditions "assaulted and spat at" colleagues to intimidate them into turning work down.
Instead of undergoing keyhole surgery on his left knee, McGinley had minor work down. But Arsenal doctor Andrew Unwin has ordered the Dubliner to compete in this week's Commercial Bank Qatar Masters and return on February 16th for the Avantha Masters in India.
But Wigan clawed level on 25 minutes when Tom Cleverley tapped home after good work down the wing by Emmerson Boyce.
He told the audience that he believed that the council is top heavy and some of the top managers will be leaving, he will then look at middle management and work down.
Brown was not to be denied, though, and after great work down the left he cut inside and curled a shot into the top corner.
The three drag queens will start at 11am on the high street and work down towards the Snowdon Mountain railway station .