work as

work as (something)

1. To occupy some role or profession as a job. I actually loved working as a mailman—I get to meet lots of different people all around the city. I worked as a computer programmer when I got out of college before pivoting into video game design.
2. To have or achieve the same purpose or function as something else. The sauce I made for the pasta works equally well as a salad dressing, too. A: "I really don't have any use for these blank CDs anymore. What should I do with them?" B: "Well, they'll work as coasters for your drinks at the very least."
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work as something

to work in the capacity of something. I worked as a waiter for a year when I was in college. I will work as a stockbroker for a while, and then move on to something else.
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work as

1. To serve the purpose of something: The pegs on the wall work as coat hangers.
2. To do the work associated with someone or something: At night, I work as a waiter.
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To distinguish the social work discourse that they represent and teach from traditional civil affairs, social work scholars in China, strategically and sometimes uncritically, define social work as a helping activity that is guided by altruism, based on scientific knowledge, and employing scientific methods (M.
Despite the rapid increase in the number of social work programs in China in recent decades, the Chinese government did not officially proposed to accept social work as an occupation until July 2004.
73 applies whenever auditors use a specialist's work as evidential matter in performing substantive tests to evaluate material financial statement assertions, regardless of whether management engages or employs the specialist, management engages a specialist employed by the auditor's firm to provide advisory services or the auditor engages the specialist.
But do we really have grounds to treat this work as a release from the perceived Puritanism of feminist ideology, or as a riotous celebration of a newly configured sexual body?
Another Iowa farm woman did little field work as a girl because she had three brothers.
Male youths worked primarily as hired men or in seasonal farm labor; female youths found work as domestic/farm laborers or as teachers.
Executives, particularly, now work as much as 20 percent longer than they did a decade ago (Kilborn, 1990).
Although the various governmental entities are attempting to put out aw much work as possible, Coletti said, the competition is cut-throat, with prices coming in at 30 percent under estimates.
Taylor said its Tiger division is involved in smaller scale new construction and renovation work as well as interior fit-out work.
Instead, involuntary part-time employment has propelled the upward trend in total part-time work since the early 1970s, largely because employers view part-time work as a means to cut labor costs, and not because workers want shorter schedules.9 With a sizable proportion of the workforce holding part-time jobs, it would seem that the aggregate amount of labor supplied could be increased by lengthening the workweek of those working part time.
Such supports may be provided both on the job and outside of work as long as they are necessary for successfully maintaining employment.
Eight of their clients with severe mental retardation work as electronic assemblers for Physio Control Corporation in Redmond, Washington (Rhodes & Valenta, 1985).