work among

work among someone or something

to do one's work among some people or things. I wanted to work among the Indians, but I set up my medical practice in the inner city. I want to get a job in forestry and work among the trees.
See also: among, work
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A moment afterwards he had entered the block house and with one grim nod to me proceeded with his work among the sick.
In all Herbert's work among his people, his wife was his companion and help, and the people loved her as much as they loved their parson.
I can do all that; and never mind the wages: I've my bits o' savings yet, and if you wouldn't take me I should have to find my own board and lodging out of 'em somewhere, or else work among strangers: and it's what I'm not used to: so you can please yourself, ma'am.
Even the Oddities would now join the crowd that hung out on the alighting-board, and would sing of work among the merry, merry blossoms till an untrained ear might have received it for the hum of a working hive.
That and outside work among the voters will, to a certainty.
Waldemar Fitzurse, his able and politic agent, was at secret work among them, tempering all to that pitch of courage which was necessary in making an open declaration of their purpose.
Too often, it seems to me, in missionary and educational work among underdeveloped races, people yield to the temptation of doing that which was done a hundred years before, or is being done in other communities a thousand miles away.
Tiny streams were trickling between the rows from the main ditch before him and at some distance to his right he could see people at work among the plants.
After a deal of work among the Greek fishermen of the Upper Bay and rivers, where knives flashed at the beginning of trouble and men permitted themselves to be made prisoners only after a revolver was thrust in their faces, we hailed with delight an expedition to the Lower Bay against the Chinese shrimp-catchers.
He is up in the air with all kinds of ethical delusions and plans for mission work among the cultured.
Haply,' he said, turning his furrowed face slowly about, that he might as it were individually address the whole audience, those both near and distant; 'haply, when this question has been tak'n up and discoosed, there'll be a threat to turn out if I'm let to work among yo.
No," said Tom; "time was when I would; but the Lord's given me a work among these yer poor souls, and I'll stay with 'em and bear my cross with 'em till the end.
Her fingers, suddenly stopped at their restless work among the wools; her breath quickened perceptibly.
The prize is a source of pride and inspiration, which contributes to promoting the culture of voluntary work among young Arabs to serve their community", said King Salman Youth Centre Chief Executive Officer Mohammed bin Ali Al-Asiri.
The goal of this initiative is to cultivate a spirit of doing research work among young physicians from an early stage.
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