work against

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work against (someone or something)

1. To act, function, or perform in a contrary or adverse manner to someone or something. Your perfectionism works against you sometimes—you need to learn to move on from a project, even if you think it could forever be improved. The legislation they are proposing would actively work against the progress we've made in regulating the financial industry in recent years.
2. To work effectively toward countering or defeating someone or something. It may have worked against their opponents in the last presidential election, but their smear-campaign tactic is not producing much traction for them this time around. I heard that pepper spray works well against bears, so I always carry some with me when I go camping in the mountains.
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work against someone or something

1. [for someone] to struggle against someone or something. She worked hard against the passage of the law. Dave worked against Betty.
2. . [for something] to militate against someone or something. This sort of works against your plan, does it not? Everything you said works against your client.
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work against

1. To move or act contrary to something or someone: The new ideas work against the way we do things now.
2. To move or act in opposition or resistance to someone or something: Your meticulous attention to detail sometimes works against you.
3. To be successful at countering something or someone: The soccer team must find a strategy that works against the opponent's defense.
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On the other hand, 43 percent said antibiotics work against viruses.
They said that police failed to work against robbery, street crimes and car snatching.
Finkelstein recently wondered which trait would most likely work against a job interviewee" at.
The good news is that these scientists have designed compounds that work against P.
They have worked against it in the past and I think they still work against it at this time.
What worked against Australia might not work against France, and we have to go out there and find a way which works against the French.
FORM AND HISTORY COUNT FOR NOTHING: England flanker Martin Corry admits that what worked against the Aussies might not work against France but the semi-final clash against the host nation in Paris is a huge motivator for the whole squad who are now in with a chance of successfully defending the World Cup - which has never been done before
Hake sure you don't close out your credit card accounts, since this could work against you when applying for a mortgage.
Second, it does work against collaboration," Packer says.
working in the Bronx, isn't just another collection of vignettes but tackles the overall struggle against violence, considering the experiences of those living with violence on the streets and those who work against it fellow attorneys, physicians, social workers and others.
Also, inflatable owls, fake snakes, and similar devices rarely work against persistent woodpeckers.
Yet, students now have an increasing array of helpful online (and often anonymous) tools to work against depression and other issues.
McGinness uses titles as tongue-in-cheek disclaimers to defend his work against accusations of aestheticism or sentimentality, but he is an aesthete and a sentimentalist, as witness the beautiful Alia Iacta Est, which suggests a rich fantasy life and a romantic sensibility.
Quite often the idea of profit and environmental health work against each other; but if 20 leading organizations as outlined in Pamela J.
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