work/go like a dream

go like a dream

To work, perform, or proceed as well as or better than one could have expected or hoped for. I bought this old hot rod nearly ten years ago, but it still goes like a dream for me. I'm so pleased that, after all the hard work we put in to set it up, the fundraiser went like a dream!
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work like a dream

To work as well or better than one could have hoped. After plugging away at it for nearly two years, we finally got this old hot rod working like a dream. Thanks, Doctor, the salve you prescribed worked like a dream.
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work like a dream

If something works like a dream it works perfectly or is extremely successful. The first stages of installation worked like a dream. Then the procedure threw up an error message. Sleeping pills can work like a dream the first few times, but take them for too long and the effect wears off.
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work/go like a ˈdream

(informal) work/go very well: The plan worked like a dream, and everybody got what they wanted. OPPOSITE: go pear-shaped
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