word to the wise

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a word to the wise

A phrase that emphasizes a statement as advice. It is a shortening of the phrase "a word to the wise is sufficient," meaning that a wise or intelligent person can take a hint and does not need a long explanation. A word to the wise—don't use Amy's baby shower as an opportunity to announce your engagement. Stay away from the boss today, he's in a bad mood. Just a word to the wise.
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word to the wise (is enough).

 and A word to the wise is sufficient.
Prov. You only have to hint something to wise people in order to get them to understand it.; Wise people do not need long explanations. (Often used to signal that you are hinting something.) John's a pleasant man, but I wouldn't trust him with money. A word to the wise, eh? Donna hinted about Lisa's drinking problem to Lisa's fiancé, hoping that a word to the wise would be enough.
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word to the wise, a

This is good advice; you would do well to heed this. Several Roman writers put good advice in just this way, saying, “A word to the wise is enough” (Plautus, Terence). Ben Jonson used it in his play The Case Is Altered (ca. 1600): “Go to, a word to the wise.” A somewhat more recent equivalent, also a cliché, is words of wisdom.
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Word to the wise: Conducting first aid is necessary to any injury or illness; but if you need immediate medical attention, it's best to go to a hospital.
A word to the wise, then: There are a lot of phony cashier's checks floatingaround out there.
It's nothing more than Sondheim on piano and vocals, and in the liner notes the composer offers this word to the wise: "I tend to sing very loud, usually off-pitch, and always write in keys that are just out of my range." But hard-core aficionados will appreciate Sondheim's crisp enunciation and fantastic piano playing on "Love Is in the Air," "Don't Look at Me," and "Pleasant Little Kingdom."
A word to the wise: Negative people act out against you because of a need to up their own self-esteem.
And so, a word to the wise: To help their clients and employers stay out of disclosure-related trouble, CPAs should advise them to retain legal counsel who follows the SEC's regulation FD-related activities.
Once someone new enters your orbit, a word to the wise: When the time is right to talk about your MS, be simple and personal.
Perhaps it's meant to be wryly ironic, a flinty kind of wishful thinking--or a backhanded word to the wise. Certainly it begs a treatment larger than the short form Shepard so clearly has mastered.
A word to the wise however; the Marriott Orlando Word Center was sold our in January for the August convention.
But if the court favors Vopper, a word to the wise: Don't use a cell phone to plot your next assassination.
The simple text is, however, complemented by a "Key Signature" (the hero's father was a musician), which the translator renders as "A Word to the Wise," "Notes" (twenty-one pages), "Notes to the Notes" (forty- nine pages), and "Notes to the Notes to the Notes" (five pages).
After England's failure at the World Cup and its loss to New Zealand in the Second Test, Warwickshire is taking quite literally the saying "a word to the wise" in its bid to help rebuild the country's cricketing fortunes.
A word to the wise is sufficient: It's a burden you don't need.
Word to the wise, do not eat your dinner in front of this episode...
A word to the wise, though - check the tide times as the waves come in quickly and only follow the main path as there can be quick sand.
David calls Gail from Liverpool CORONATION STREET (ITV, 7.30pm and 8.30pm) A WORD to the wise David.