word to the wise

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a word to the wise

A phrase that emphasizes a statement as advice. It is a shortening of the phrase "a word to the wise is sufficient," meaning that a wise or intelligent person can take a hint and does not need a long explanation. A word to the wise—don't use Amy's baby shower as an opportunity to announce your engagement. Stay away from the boss today, he's in a bad mood. Just a word to the wise.
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word to the wise (is enough).

 and A word to the wise is sufficient.
Prov. You only have to hint something to wise people in order to get them to understand it.; Wise people do not need long explanations. (Often used to signal that you are hinting something.) John's a pleasant man, but I wouldn't trust him with money. A word to the wise, eh? Donna hinted about Lisa's drinking problem to Lisa's fiancé, hoping that a word to the wise would be enough.
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word to the wise, a

This is good advice; you would do well to heed this. Several Roman writers put good advice in just this way, saying, “A word to the wise is enough” (Plautus, Terence). Ben Jonson used it in his play The Case Is Altered (ca. 1600): “Go to, a word to the wise.” A somewhat more recent equivalent, also a cliché, is words of wisdom.
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A WORD to the wise -- back BUYWISE for the Caspian Caviar Gold Cup (1.
So a word to the wise, girls - put down that glass of Cristal and start planning for your financial future.
Perhaps a little word to the wise won't hurt - he is your brother after all.
But a word to the wise - the current craze for welfare deductions from prize-money (raised in John McCririck's recent interview with Lord Lipsey) could backfire if owners discover it's just a gift to the RGT and gives them no guarantee of support when their dogs retire and need to be rehomed.
A word to the wise, Gordon Marshall doesn't play for Celtic anymore.
Word to the wise, Cara - whatever you do, you can be sure Kate Moss has been there, done that and bought the designer t-shirt.
Cresswell is yet to collect a booking in 13 first-team appearances and admits a word to the wise from manager Ronnie Moore a year ago is now paying dividends.
A word to the wise for Women's Institutes in Northumberland is the latest weapon is a campaign by the county's scam-busters.
A word to the wise for footy followers considering joining me, though.
BILL KIRCHEN Word To The Wise (Proper) HE is the original Dieselbilly axeman, the Telecaster twist in the honky tonk tale of Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen.
So why no-one gave Kate Moss a word to the wise, I just don't know.
And here is a word to the wise for model and aspiring actress Emma.
A word to the wise, though - turn down the music and turn up the microphones as there were moments when the vocals were drowned out.
It was a word to the wise from Smith that paved the way for Morgan to fill the vacancy at National League One club Hull KR and the former Canberra and Parramatta forward admits he is indebted to the Rhinos' head coach.