word (up)


1. A message from someone or something. I just got word that Diana landed in New York.
2. slang An expression of affirmation. A: "That concert was amazing!" B: "Word."

word (up)

slang An expression of general assent or agreement. A: "You want to go get some burgers?" B: "Word." A: "We're thinking of heading to Cali for a couple weeks, isn't that right, Tony?" B: "Word up, dawg."
See also: word

*word (from someone or something)

messages or communication from someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; hear ~; receive ~.) We have just received word from Perry that the contract has been signed.


1. and Word up. interj. Correct.; Right. I hear you, man. Word.
2. interj. Hello. (see also What’s the (good) word?.) Word. What’s new? A: Word. B: Word.