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1. A message from someone or something. Oh, Diana is fine—I just got word that she landed in New York.
2. slang An expression of affirmation. A: "That concert was amazing!" B: "Word."

*word (from someone or something)

messages or communication from someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; hear ~; receive ~.) We have just received word from Perry that the contract has been signed.


1. and Word up. interj. Correct.; Right. I hear you, man. Word.
2. interj. Hello. (see also What’s the (good) word?.) Word. What’s new? A: Word. B: Word.
References in classic literature ?
and this will give him a moment's chance to think of the needful word.
Don't for his sake -- " she whispered the next words in a kiss -- "Don't for Mine
and he turned to some men who stood behind him, "away swiftly to the regiments that are gathered behind the mountains, away to them, bearing the king's words to the captains.
Be not weary, sirs, of listening to these digressions; my sorrow is not one of those that can or should be told tersely and briefly, for to me each incident seems to call for many words.
Hearing these words the King advanced towards me with a menacing cry as if to pierce me through the diagonal; and in that same moment there arose from myriads of his subjects a multitudinous war-cry, increasing in vehemence till at last methought it rivalled the roar of an army of a hundred thousand Isosceles, and the artillery of a thousand Pentagons.
I must also inform you," said the Rhetor, "that our Order delivers its teaching not in words only but also by other means, which may perhaps have a stronger effect on the sincere seeker after wisdom and virtue than mere words.
And these noises were as definitely words in his vocabulary as are words in a human's vocabulary.
Serial stories, he found, were usually published in that weekly in five instalments of about three thousand words each.
As the old lady uttered the last words, I thought I saw her eyes turn from heaven, and take the earthly direction of the sofa in the front parlor.
She seized the foolish woman by the shoulders, forced her back in the chair, and looked her straight in the face without uttering a word.
Van Brandt's words at our last interview were murmuring in my ears--not a word of my own would come to me!
He may say he is innocent; but we have only his word for it.
Yet they were less changed than they had been when told only by word of mouth.
Would a word of sympathy come to comfort her from the other woman's lips?
All that I ask - it is really very little - is the word agreed upon.