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slang A hand-rolled cigarette (joint) or cigar (blunt) filled with a mixture of marijuana and either crack cocaine or PCP. Everyone got real messed up once we started smoking woolies. Yo, Mike's got some angel dust on him if you want to roll up a woolie.


n. long underwear. It’s the time of the year for woolies!
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Sneff earned the Kenyon Review Poetry Prize for O Wooly City when it was a manuscript; problems with publication have finally been resolved, allowing readers to savor the rich, yearning verses for themselves.
The Jersey Wooly is a relatively new breed developed by Bonny Seeley of New Jersey.
"They had a lot of fun larking around with [store mascots] Wooly and Worth."
IMR Powder Company was presented the Wooly New Product of the Year Award for Trail Boss powder at the Single Action Shooting Society's (SASS) convention last December.
In the just published Scattered Shadows: A Memoir of Blindness and Vision (Orbis), Griffin relates his encounters with a taxi driver named Wooly who "seemed delighted that I was blind." For months, he showed up each time Griffin called a cab, and then one day he learns that Wooly was fired.
Paleontologists (fossil unearthed a perfectly intact wooly mammoth, assembled the longest-necked dinosaur, and uncovered what may be the world's oldest tree.
Autumn in rural New York is enriched by encounters with banded wooly bear caterpillars crossing roads and paths in an endless and rapid march, their true size magnified by a heavy coat of hair and long, black shadows cast upon the pavement.