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wooden mare

An ancient torture device involving a wooden horse, typically used for military punishments. I was so terrified of what my parents would do when they found out I'd failed my exam that I had visions of them making me ride the wooden mare.
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wooden spoonist

slang The person or team that finishes last in a competition. So-named because the imaginary prize for a last-place finish is a wooden spoon. Primarily heard in UK. Of course Roy was the wooden-spoonist in today's race—I didn't know a person could run so slow!
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wooden top

A beet-shaped wooden toy that spins on a metal point at the bottom. What are you kids complaining about? When I was your age, I only had a wooden top to play with!
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don't take any wooden nickels

Take care and, specifically, try not to get swindled. The phrase is thought to have originated in the early 20th century when country residents visiting the city were considered easily duped. Primarily heard in US. Have fun tonight and don't take any wooden nickels!
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the wooden spoon

The hypothetical prize for the person finishing in last place in a competition. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. I don't expect to win, but I sure hope I don't get the wooden spoon!
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a wooden nickel

If you call something a wooden nickel, you mean that it is completely false or has no value. Note: A nickel is a five cent coin and a dime is a ten cent coin. He looked at the card as though it were a wooden nickel. `That doesn't prove a thing,' he said.
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the wooden spoon

COMMON If you say that someone gets the wooden spoon, you mean that they are the last in a race or competition or are the worst at a particular activity. Cosmos will almost certainly get the wooden-spoon for the second year in a row if they lose. Britain's bureaucrats won the EU's wooden spoon yesterday, as the worst linguists in Brussels. Note: You can use wooden spoon before a noun. After their third defeat, the Hawks have confirmed their place as wooden spoon contenders this season. Note: At one time, the student who got the lowest marks in their final mathematics exam at Cambridge University was given a wooden spoon.
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accept a wooden nickel

be fooled or swindled. US
A wooden nickel is a worthless or counterfeit coin.
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a wooden nutmeg

a false or fraudulent thing. US
A wooden nutmeg was a piece of wood shaped to resemble a nutmeg and fraudulently sold as the real thing. This deception was particularly associated with the inhabitants of Connecticut, giving rise to the nickname ‘the Nutmeg State’.
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win the wooden spoon

be the least successful contestant; win the booby prize.
A wooden spoon was originally presented to the candidate coming last in the Cambridge University mathematical tripos (the final honours examination for a BA degree).
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don’t take any wooden ˈnickels

(American English) used when saying goodbye to somebody to mean ‘be careful’, ‘take care of yourself’: Well, see you around Tom. Don’t take any wooden nickels.
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get, win, take, etc. the ˌwooden ˈspoon

(British English, informal) come last in a race or competition: England must win this match if they are to avoid taking the wooden spoon.It was a custom at the University of Cambridge to give a wooden spoon to the student of mathematics who had the lowest mark/grade for their year.
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Don't take any wooden nickels

Don't let yourself be cheated. This expression was first heard in the early 20th century. Although there never were any wooden nickels as legal tender, country folk going to a city were likely to be cheated by all manner of ruses, including obviously counterfeit coins. Wooden nickels did exist, however, as bank promotions during and after the Great Depression; the “coins” were redeemable for prizes.
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It is hard to miss Judge Bork's ironic glee in rejecting "old categories which, applied woodenly, do not address modern problems," id.
Her stiff, outstretched arms protrude woodenly, as she raises them to reveal a small circular cavity in either hand, oozing a substance more akin to tar than blood.
If it is not, then criteria that determine what is "law-like" in other areas might mislead when applied too woodenly in the constitutional domain.
Alan Carr was an embarrassment, woodenly reading a message off the autocue: "Forty per cent of the Earth's population get their drinking water from river systems fed by glacial water," before giggling: "And I can't swim
Unable to string a sentence together, they generally resort to woodenly asking for the criminal to "give himself up.
Without ever appearing strained or woodenly referential, it rapidly establishes a calculated but remarkably diverse aesthetic.
It wasn't until the summer of 2000, in an article for The Guardian, that Miller publicly spelled out the connection between his woodenly didactic allegory and what he called the "calamity" of "anti-communist rage" in the late 1940S and early 1950S.
The loss of her brother Emil and her friend Marie has nearly extinguished her own; she moves woodenly through the gray days reminded constantly of her younger brother, gentle, full of hope, and of her friend, the beautiful, vital Marie Shabata.
So we had Rachel Hunter - for no apparent reason - mistaken for Geraldine's lesbian lover and the Archbishop of Canterbury standing woodenly in a doorway.
Then Coppola threw the figure over his shoulder and with a horrible, shrill laugh, ran quickly down the stairs, the figure's grotesquely dangling feet bumping and ratting woodenly on every step.
His choice of tour guides - the bickering brain surgeon and the social services caseworker who used to be the surgeon's wife - are a hot pair of bores and are also, in the production that Brown has directed at Edgemar, woodenly acted.
Accompanied by four backup singers, Piercy woodenly sang: "Hot town, Eugene is our city.
The very fact that such debate exists and persists is itself an indicium that no woodenly applied approach to writing legal citations can best advance the practical and scholarly value of all legal literature in all instances.
He transformed the Birds, as they are known to fans, from standing woodenly around a single microphone to a show-stopping unit leading a foot-stomping, hand-clapping party.