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(I) won't tell a soul

I won't reveal some confidential information to a single other person. A: "I heard Greg is getting fired, but I don't think even he knows yet." B: "Don't worry, I won't tell a soul." I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to pry! I won't tell a soul!
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(one) won't give up without a fight

I am not going to yield submissively or easily. Well, I won't give up without a fight, so I hope she's ready to work her hardest to get this promotion—I know I will. I know Karen—she won't give up without a fight. Are you sure you want to challenge her in the election?
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(one) won't hear of (something)

One is adamant that something will not happen; one refuses to allow something (to happen). A: "I'd like to pay for dinner to thank you for your generosity." B: "I won't hear of it, my boy! You are our guest." My mother won't hear of us going to an out-of-state college.
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if the mountain will not come to Mohammed

proverb One must change one's actions accordingly if things do not proceed as one would like them to. A shortening of the phrase "If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain." You'll have to go woo investors if they won't come to you. If the mountain will not come to Mohammed, Mohammed must go to the mountain.
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it won't wash

Something will not be accepted or believed as true. That kind of excuse may have worked in high school, but it won't wash with me. The deadline for the paper is tomorrow, no extensions. He may be able to skirt the issue in some regions, but it won't wash in these parts—these people want straight answers.
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Unlike the Russians, the North Koreans wont win any medals.
Oven/Furnace Repair - Common problems, ovens that wont turn on or wont get hot.
Clive Elsdon "It will not just be Newcastle, it will be...Newcastle and Northumbria University campus city!" Dean McCormick "Newcastle started going downhill in the late 50s/ early 60s,when the council in their wisdom demolished most of our beautiful buildings and replaced them with ugly concrete blocks." Tom Sloan "It is one thing I wont be here to worry about, I just hope they get it right for future generations." Jean Wilson "We will probably still be waiting for a derby win as well!" Lee Emmerson "Chances are most of us won't be alive to see it anway!" James Matt Harrison "Deserted...meanwhile the Metrocentre is still thriving!" John Hill
While the storm wont immediately affect the country once it enters PAR, rains are expected in parts of the country.
He expressed the hope that Mian Sahib wont disappoint the nation.
"When it comes to SP, we wont be influenced by this decision.
LUCINDA FEATHERSTONE, whose horses have been hit by a virus this summer, gained a welcome first win in 72 days when Maybe I Wont landed the apprentice handicap over 1m2f under a strong ride from Noel Garbutt.
But they wont be able t o get in first when it comes to the Olympi c s in 2012.
( Look around your garden Lord, for my mum with a smile, it wont be hard to find her, she must stand out a mile.
GREAT-GRANDMOTHER Mary Davies wont be around to see her family on Christmas Day - for the 25th successive year.
You wont find many other people nodding in favour, however, and it staggers me that Kevin Pietersen blamed a lack of concentration for his side's dismal showing in the final.
"Hopefully, that race wont come to soon and the November Handicap is another possibility," said trainer Luca Cumani who had two other runners in the race including favourite Ask The Butler.
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With the Ryder Cup scheduled to tee off in September, many players will be seeing this as a chance to play their way into Nick Faldo's team, and with Tiger Woods' recent announcement that he wont be competing in the coveted event, the chances of a European success have grown.