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At length a warm wind swept through the gardens, and the mist-clouds passed away, while in silent wonder looked the Frost-King and the Elves upon the scene before them.
And the whole Court went out to see the wonder, and were no less astonished than they had been the first time.
The more the cruel King gazed on the wonder before him, the more angry he became, for he could not, in the face of his promise, put the stranger to death.
Go quickly to the King, and tell him to go to the hill that he may see the wonder you have done with his own eyes.
The ancestors of these--people precisely like them in color, dress, manners, customs, simplicity--flocked in vast multitudes after Christ, and when they saw Him make the afflicted whole with a word, it is no wonder they worshiped Him.
Shaking her golden hair, Ada turned her eyes upon me with such laughing wonder that I was full of wonder too, partly at her beauty, partly at her surprise.
I wonder you two were not ashamed of yourselves to come in this afternoon and see me able to do nothing else.
I wonder whether he ever so much as suspected that some one doted on her, at a hopeless, speechless distance, when he struck in and won her.
And as he felt in his heart all the beauty and wonder of the world, the glory and the might of the sea and sky, he would ask in dumb pain why, when he could feel it touch his heart, he could not also sing of the beauty and wonder, glory and might.
I wonder why, if the wonders of aspirin continue, whether the cost will remain the same?
BOOKMAKERS claim market forces are responsible for the apparent discrepancy in the betting on this afternoon's Darley Irish Oaks for which Wonder Of Wonders has been all the rage, despite Dancing Rain, her conqueror in last month's Epsom Classic, being in the line-up.
WONDER Of Wonders must be strongly fancied to give Aidan O'Brien his fourth Darley Irish Oaks victory at the Curragh tomorrow.
Quick and easy in preparation, utilizing readily available ingredients, and requiring only a few essential kitchen tools, now anyone having to be 'ship's cook' on anything from a rowboat to a cruise ship can accomplish culinary wonders regardless of their circumstances.
This attractive overview features doublepage spreads of color photos and illustrations depicting the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World as well as modern wonders like the Channel Tunnel, the Empire State Building, and the space shuttle.