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ON my walks to the town centre I can't help wondering why standards of maintenance and control seem to be slipping.
Finally, I wonder if any of these wonderings will result in improvements or answers.
Children become robbed of their natural right to years of wondering.
But there was always something frightful about this particular type of story--it left the reader questioning what the body was and wondering could it change and how.
If you want to know what the people are staring at and wondering about in the first reading you have to read from the beginning of chapter 3.
That's what the people are staring at and wondering about in the first reading.
Abu Simbel, Angkor Wat, and Petra: Today we stand in awe before the great monuments of the past, wondering who built them and for what purpose.
The pure wonder of Wilson's collection lies, Weschler writes, in the shimmer between wondering at and wondering whether, concluding: .
I became fascinated by famous homosexuals, staring at their photographs and wondering what we had in common.
I became paranoid all over again, wondering why they could fulfill a reporter's request for the president's files in a matter of days, but kept on stalling me.
Wondering at the many things that the story of the Annunciation might mean, I take refuge in the fact that for centuries so many poets and painters have found it worthy of consideration.
Wondering about the results of festival residencies adds to the yearly anticipation of the International Choreographers and Young Choreographers and Composers programs.