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wonder about (someone or something)

1. To have a strong curiosity about someone or something. Whenever I visit ancient structures like these, I can't help but wonder about how on earth people back then could have built them without the tools and knowledge we have now. People have been wondering for years about the enigmatic leader of the company.
2. To be doubtful or uncertain about someone or something. He seems genuine, but I have to wonder about his motivations, given what he has said in the past. If you're wondering about our new project manager, let me assure you that she is more than able for the job.
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wonder at (someone or something)

1. To be in stunned awe or amazement at someone or something. I remember visiting the planetarium as a kid, wondering at the enormity and complexity of the universe. Bystanders wondered at the heroic figure as she kept going back into the burning building to rescue the people trapped inside.
2. To baffled or astonished by something, often in a dubious or suspicious manner. I have to wonder at the leader's decision to join the world summit, given what he has said about it in the past. We all wondered at the cryptic message sent to us by the director of the company.
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(I was) just wondering.

a comment made after hearing a response to a previous question. (See examples for typical patterns.) John: Do you always keep your film in the refrigerator? Mary: Yes, why? John: I was just wondering. Bob: Did this cost a lot? Sue: I really don't think you need to know that. Bob: Sorry. Just wondering.
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That's what the people are staring at and wondering about in the first reading.
Luke says that at first the disciples were disbelieving and wondering in their joy.
The pure wonder of Wilson's collection lies, Weschler writes, in the shimmer between wondering at and wondering whether, concluding: ...
I became fascinated by famous homosexuals, staring at their photographs and wondering what we had in common.
I became paranoid all over again, wondering why they could fulfill a reporter's request for the president's files in a matter of days, but kept on stalling me.
Wondering at the many things that the story of the Annunciation might mean, I take refuge in the fact that for centuries so many poets and painters have found it worthy of consideration.
In many cases, the young women were reasoning in a mature fashion, doubting that they were ready for sex, at 14 or 17 years of age, and wondering if their boyfriends were as ready as they pretended to be.
Wondering about the results of festival residencies adds to the yearly anticipation of the International Choreographers and Young Choreographers and Composers programs.
While some days the questioning and the wondering might seem too much, it is something to cherish for it seems that all too quickly the flame of inquiry starts to flicker and fade.
This thinking tool is my favourite way to foster the skill of wondering. The See, Think, Wonder routine comes from Project Zero at Harvard University.
The use of them encourages students to keep asking questions and wondering about the world around them.
I'm talking about mason jars full of iced tea and her head on your shoulder speaking her dreams just above a whisper and you wondering if you could be in them