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put on a (good, poor, etc.) show

To attempt, do, or perform something to the degree specified before "show." Every year just before Christmas, the city carolers put on a wonderful show in front of city hall. Though they were heavily favored to win, the team put on a pretty poor show.
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weird and wonderful

1. adjective Having an unusual or strange appearance or design, but ingenious, attractive, or desirable nonetheless. The festival celebrates the weird and wonderful car designs not seen by many in the mainstream market.
2. noun That which has such a strange likability. I love this shop—they seem to specialize in the weird and wonderful.
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(I'm) having a wonderful time; wish you were here.

Cliché a catchphrase that is thought to be written onto postcards by people who are away on vacation. John wrote on all his cards, "Having a wonderful time; wish you were here." And he really meant it too. "I'm having a wonderful time; wish you were here," said Tom, speaking on the phone to Mary, suddenly feeling very insincere.
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put on a good, poor, wonderful, etc. show

make a good, poor, etc. attempt at doing something, especially in spite of difficulties: Considering that the children had no help, they put on a marvellous show.
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weird and wonderful

clever and attractive, but unusual or strange: People were wearing all sorts of weird and wonderful clothes.
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And as the sea surpasses the land in this matter, so the whale fishery surpasses every other sort of maritime life, in the wonderfulness and fearfulness of the rumors which sometimes circulate there.
All that wonderfulness sometimes puts Perry in a line of fire, too.
In the examples here, slightly different powder charges did not show similar wonderfulness, so it might be best to think that the half-inch group was a happy convergence of chance.
You're not trying to beat some holiday wonderfulness standard as depicted in the movies or in your own hazy memories.
Keynes reiteration during the 1920s and 1930s of the wonderfulness of social engineering "experiments" finally becomes almost laughable.
How wonderful it is to sit back and wonder at wonderfulness.
In a minute, in a microcosm, we had an instant replay of 21st-century America--while our eyes were blinkered and our ears were exposed to meaningless prattle about the wonderfulness of everything.
THE WONDERFULNESS OF WALLPAPER TRAYS Just think of it: No more small plastic containers tumbling over and soaking the table and floors
The wonderfulness of the Model 1905 sight addressed, I have to say I personally prefer the much simpler peep sight of the Model 1903A3s.
Amiri Baraka: Well, Richard wrote a lot of haiku but Richard's prose is not as wonderful as say, Jimmy Baldwin's in terms of the wonderfulness of it, like the wonderfulness of Henry Dumas or even Toni Morrison.
The nonstop riffing, the one-liners, the endless laughs--they will be as hard to replace as the journalistic wonderfulness.
For years, in his Globe column he touted the wonderfulness of Jeanne Shaheen.
In a world where wonderfulness is defined by a multitouch interface and the ability to rotate an image on the visual screen, refining a speech-enabled interface for command and control or dictation is under-whelming.
The freedom of the elbow, the wonderfulness of the elbow, is precisely because of its limitations.