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put on a (good, poor, etc.) show

To attempt, do, or perform something to the degree specified before "show." Every year just before Christmas, the city carolers put on a wonderful show in front of city hall. Though they were heavily favored to win, the team put on a pretty poor show.
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weird and wonderful

1. adjective Having an unusual or strange appearance or design, but ingenious, attractive, or desirable nonetheless. The festival celebrates the weird and wonderful car designs not seen by many in the mainstream market.
2. noun That which has such a strange likability. I love this shop—they seem to specialize in the weird and wonderful.
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(I'm) having a wonderful time; wish you were here.

Cliché a catchphrase that is thought to be written onto postcards by people who are away on vacation. John wrote on all his cards, "Having a wonderful time; wish you were here." And he really meant it too. "I'm having a wonderful time; wish you were here," said Tom, speaking on the phone to Mary, suddenly feeling very insincere.
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put on a good, poor, wonderful, etc. show

make a good, poor, etc. attempt at doing something, especially in spite of difficulties: Considering that the children had no help, they put on a marvellous show.
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weird and wonderful

clever and attractive, but unusual or strange: People were wearing all sorts of weird and wonderful clothes.
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The hero of the wonderful novel that had so influenced his life had himself known this curious fancy.
In a new study, researchers found that wonderful kola helps to enhance the healing process of stomach ulcer by increasing the platelet count and nitric oxide levels.
In the pages of "Messages From a Wonderful Afterlife: Signs Loved Ones Send from Beyond", psychic medium Kristy Robinett shares personal experiences and stories from clients of how our loved ones (including treasured pets) are communicating from the other side.
Wonderful Nature, Wonderful You juxtaposes information about nature and animals and beautiful, realistic nature pictures with short, succinct offerings of advice for children ages 5 to 9.
As I approach my 50th birthday, I would just like to say a big, big thank you to all the staff of Cardiff Royal Infirmary, in particular a wonderful nurse named Robert Sutherland, who helped keep me alive, despite my horrendous injuries sustained in an horrific accident in which I sustained devastating brain injuries on January 1, 1982.
HONG KONG, July 8, 2015 - (ACN Newswire) - Wonderful Sky Financial Group Holdings Limited (1260.
The players have been absolutely wonderful,'' said Pulis.
On the morning of Christmas Eve, the cinethe cineE -ma is showing the festive movie It's A Wonderful Wonderful Life.
Big Revenue on a very major West Palm Beach road connecting several cities and counties therein is source for varied customers for Latin cuisine: A wonderful business, well equipped, well staffed making wonderful food
Paramount Farms' Wonderful Pistachios is going to the Super Bowl for the second straight year, as it announced that Stephen Colbert, Emmy Award-winning host and executive producer of Comedy Central's "The Colbert Report," will star in two Super Bowl spots during next month's broadcast of the big game.
A BIG thank you to all the wonderful volunteers who gave their time so generously last weekend to show off Coventry's magnificent heritage to hundreds of people on Heritage Weekend.
What a Wonderful World" is an inspirational, prayerful book filled with beautiful, sensitive, softly colorful illustrations of a parent and cub bear enjoying the beauty and goodness of nature.
The visit that she went on to describe seemed, well, wonderful.