wonder about

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wonder about (someone or something)

1. To have a strong curiosity about someone or something. Whenever I visit ancient structures like these, I can't help but wonder about how on earth people back then could have built them without the tools and knowledge we have now. People have been wondering for years about the enigmatic leader of the company.
2. To be doubtful or uncertain about someone or something. He seems genuine, but I have to wonder about his motivations, given what he has said in the past. If you're wondering about our new project manager, let me assure you that she is more than able for the job.
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wonder about someone or something

to be curious or in doubt about someone or something. I wonder about Carl and what he is up to. Sometimes I wonder about life on other planets. Jenny's performance record made me wonder about her chances for success.
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wonder about

To be filled with curiosity or doubt about something or someone: I often wonder about the condition of the world. Do you ever wonder about the decision you made to quit school?
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This routine is designed to encourage students to give attention to something, to make interpretations and to wonder about what they see.
This role confusion led him to wonder about how well he--or any other mons ter--could play either side.
Jones makes us wonder about the possible dark origins of such innocentseeming lyrics as "Go tell Aunt Rhodie the old gray goose is dead," which he sings in a strong, clear voice.
Since then it occurred to me that there are a lot of other things that I wonder about and have noted them below for your consideration:
As you watch television, read the newspaper and check your computer; do you ever wonder about some events that you see or read about?