win (one's) heart

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win (one's) heart

To gain the love, affection, or admiration of someone. Can also be structured as "win the heart of (someone)." She wasn't too impressed with me when I first met her, but I managed to win her heart by opening up to her about my aspirations as an artist. The rising star has already won the hearts of fans across the country, as her career continues its meteoric rise.
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win someone's heart

 and win the heart of someone
Fig. to gain the affection of someone; to win the love of someone exclusively. I hope to win her heart and make her my bride.
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win somebody’s ˈheart

make somebody love you: The children have won the old man’s heart.The actress who played Natasha won the hearts of the audience.
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References in classic literature ?
Gilbert won her heart by eating--I won't tell you how much.
First it was Jim Carrey, then Brian Urlacher, and now it's Donnie Wahlberg who has won her heart!
She couldn't remember husband Dean when she came round but he won her heart again.
Was he thinking of another while he won her heart with his apparent sincerity?
This involves going to LA to seek her one true love - the doctor (Greg Kinnear) in the soap who has won her heart. With the crooks and police in pursuit of an oblivious Betty and a dark, comic thread running through the unpredictable proceedings, this smacks of great cinema.