not hear of (something)

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not hear of (something)

To be adamant that something does not happen; to refuse to allow something (to happen). A: "I'd like to pay for dinner to thank you for your generosity." B: "I won't hear of it, my boy! You are our guest." My mother wouldn't hear of us going to an out-of-state college.
See also: hear, not, of

won't hear of

see under not have it.
See also: hear, of

not ˈhear of something

not allow something to happen: ‘May I pay for the phone call?’ ‘Don’t be silly! I wouldn’t hear of it!’He won’t hear of his daughter becoming a police officer. He thinks it’s much too dangerous.
See also: hear, not, of, something
References in classic literature ?
"Sarah won't hear of it. Says we didn't get none from my folks when we got married.
"I think we should get the boy a lawyer, but Malcolm won't hear of it," she had whispered, the snoring low and steady.
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