won't breathe a word

not breathe a word (of something)

To keep something a complete secret; to not share some secret or private information with anyone else. Often used in the negative to encourage silence. Please don't hurt me! I swear I won't breathe a word of this to anyone! Remember, we want this to be a surprise, so don't breathe a word to Tom. He promised me that he wouldn't breathe a word of what he saw here today.
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(I) won't breathe a word (of it).

 and (I) won't tell a Soul.
Fig. I will not tell anyone your secret. Bill: Don't tell anybody, but Sally is getting married. Mary: I won't breathe a word of it. Alice: The Jacksons are going to have to sell their house. Don't spread it around. Mary: I won't tell a soul.
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