won't bother me any

(it) won't bother me any

I have no objection to that; I will not mind if that happens. A: "Can I open the window in here?" B: "Go right ahead—won't bother me any." I'd be happy to have you stay with me while you're in town, but it won't bother me any if you decide not to.
See also: any, bother

(it) won't bother me at all/any

I have no objection to this. Sure, you can open the window in here—it won't bother me any. A: "Do you mind if I store some of my stuff in your garage for a while?" B: "Nope, won't bother me at all."
See also: all, any, bother
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(It) won't bother me any.

 and (It) won't bother me at all.
Inf. It will not trouble me at all.; I have no objection if you wish to do that. (Not very polite or cordial. For the present tense of this expression, see also (It) doesn't bother me any.) John: Will you mind if I sit here? Jane: Won't bother me any. Sally (lighting a cigarette): Do you mind if I smoke? Bill: It won't bother me at all.
See also: any, bother
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