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At length Star-Light bade him work no more, and gladly gave him the gift he had won.
Higher and higher grew the coral-boughs, and lighter grew the Fairy's heart, while thoughts of dear Lily-Bell cheered him on, as day by day he steadily toiled; and when at length the sun shone on his work, and it was done, he stayed but to take the garland he had won, and to thank the good Spirits for their love and care.
You have toiled and suffered for my sake, and you alone should rule over these little Elves whose love you have won.
Laurence made no reply; for his heart burned within him, as the picture of Wolfe, dying on the blood-stained field of victory, arose to his imagination; and yet he had a deep inward consciousness that, after all, there was a truer glory than could thus be won.
Poe's first genuine victory was won in 1833, when he was the successful competitor for a prize of $100 offered by a Baltimore periodical for the best prose story.
His sorrows were not alleviated by the fact that Gossett won the fifth and sixth holes.
A moment later a murmur of approval signified the fact that Archibald had won his first hole.
When Archibald won the next in eleven and the tenth in nine, hope began to flicker feebly in his bosom.
By the time that Archibald, putting with the care of one brushing flies off a sleeping Venus, had holed out and won the thirteenth, he was in the full grip of this feeling.
Lydgate, by betting on his own strokes, had won sixteen pounds; but young Hawley's arrival had changed the poise of things.
What completed everything, and won for me the title of "Prince of the Oyster Beds," was that I was a good fellow ashore with my money, buying drinks like a man.
And that I had won his friendship, all thanks were due to John Barleycorn.
The bronze medal for mathematics was considered as good as won by a fat, funny little up-country boy with a bumpy forehead and a patched coat.
answered Seryozha with that gay and loving smile which always won over the conscientious Vassily Lukitch.
It came during a season in which he won his first scoring title (35.