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Other major affiliates -14.6 bn Won (YoY 27.2 bn Won)
Merseyside's Mike O'Mahoney won gold in the men's indoor rowing and bronze in his age group in the Toughest Firefighter Alive.
How many times had you broken your wrist when you won? How did this affect your skate career?
In his 47 years of coaching, Newton's teams have won 19 national and 23 state championships.
Confident that she'd take home the Wimbledon crown, Althea picked out an evening gown for the ball and wrote an acceptance speech Her opening match at Wimbledon was a tough one against Suzy Kormoczy of Hungary, but she won, 6-4, 6-4.
Rowley won first prize in newspaper feature layout and design for A Coast in Crisis.
In all four, the victor won by a substantial margin in the electoral college.
*Every Child wins an Oscar for Best Animated Short; this is the fourth Academy Award won by the NFB in three years.
Twenty-two-year-old Joseph Seletski of the Golden School in New York, who has won the Oireachtas for the past three years in a row, believes "Irish dancing has made me much more professional and responsible at work.
For example, Bill Clinton won at least 25 percent of the vote in every Congressional district in 1996.
Let's look back to consider three cases of winners who lost and losers who won.
A shared standard of excellence won scholarships this week for high school students in the 47th annual Westinghouse Science Talent Search (STS), but their winning research projects and personal motivations showed pure individuality.
James Bradbury won his three games for the Cramlington team with Nigel Rodgers and Steve Pearce winning one game each.
Junior organiser Bob Hazelden said: "It was a great team effort, with the early players who had won their singles matches going out to give support to the incoming matches.
Gilgit/Baltistan won 4 gold medals in female taekwando and Fata won as many gold medals in male's category.