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11) See Craig Thomas Friend for a detailed history of the Womanless Wedding and its queer implications (219-45).
Something similar takes place in the film's representation of gender, where we see men enacting a whole range of masculinities--both gender identities and sexualities--which are permitted only and precisely because Das Boot is a womanless space.
trumpet stands and blows a fanfare that transports me, womanless,
61) It should not be all that surprising that the identities they forged within this "half-fantastic," womanless, and stateless space harkened back to older Russian patriarchal ideals: men were brave; they quietly thumbed their noses at public authority; they asserted traditional values; and they reassured one another that they were men.
Like the wilderness, the womanless world of War has also been recurrently portrayed as one of the main settings for male bonding, which, as masculinity scholar Lynne Segal (1997, p.
This is far from being Murphy's straightforward depiction of science as an aggressively masculine discipline in which to indulge the fantasy of a womanless world.
The artist intimates the "need for affection in a largely womanless world", and the desire for domesticity.
Moreover, genetic engineering promises the ability of creating custom-made, womanless children "from the glass: made to order by the 'gods' in the labs" (Klein, 1999, p.
Regulars at the Oxbridge Hotel donned women's clothes as they took part in a Womanless Miss World, while staff at the Lingfield Farm pub at Coulby Newham took part in a sponsored silence.
And when the woman took the child and told him, "From now on, this child has a mother but you are a womanless man," then the women cheered and they ululated.