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I am a wolf in sheep's clothing and if somebody is disrespecting what I am saying to them then there's going to be fireworks, I can tell you.
Our perception of what a terrorist should look like, whereas a wolf in sheep's clothing is the true reality.
His first appearance in the book is literally as a wolf in sheep's clothing, "decked out in a fleecy white suit and a lopsided fedora.
There is Eugene, a well-intentioned husband and father unable to conquer a tendency toward homosexuality; Reverend Woods, a wolf in sheep's clothing, is all too willing to sacrifice his soul on the altar of political gain; Basil atones for his part in Mattie Michael's displacement by marrying an irresponsible mother of two; the autistic Jerome, a talented pianist whose blues playing rivals that of Jelly Roll Morton or Count Basie, is cursed with a mother who exploits his gift for monetary gain; the street-wise C.
Previous work had suggested that pheomelanin could be a wolf in sheep's clothing," says Liebler.
THE CHANCELLOR Osborne is a wolf in sheep's clothing attacking the most vulnerable elderly, urging them to cash in meagre pension pots and risk being left without enough to see them through retirement.
He yesterday told the court: "I'm not a wolf in sheep's clothing.
It's better to have a sheep in wolf's clothing than a wolf in sheep's clothing," he added.