woe betide (one)

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woe betide (one)

Unpleasant things will happen to one. And woe betide anyone who tries to ruin my plans!
See also: betide, woe

ˌwoe beˈtide somebody

(formal or humorous) there will be trouble for somebody: Woe betide anyone who arrives late!
See also: betide, somebody, woe

woe betide (someone)

1. Used to express the wish for someone to experience misfortune.
2. Used as a warning or allusion to negative consequences: "Even though my dad was no farmer, he was a crack shot and a very good hunter&.... woe betide the unwary moose that wandered down from Canada" (Howard Frank Mosher).
See also: betide, woe
References in classic literature ?
If you're not sharp enough, I'll creak the door, and woe betide you if I have to creak it much.
It might be Christmas Jumper Day at the infants' but Party Day (bring some cakes) at the juniors',' and woe betide you if you forget your PS1 "voluntary contribution" for Christmas Party Jumper Cake Day, or which child to give it to.
But woe betide you if you are unfortunate enough to lose your job.
If he saw injustice, he would fight it and woe betide you if you were the victim of his wrath.
Many of the drivers are surly in their attitude, and woe betide you if you question why they are late which, in my experience, is just about every single night.
Woe betide you if you require the services of a doctor out of surgery hours.
And woe betide you if you happened to kick your ankle
And if you're an outsider who wanders into the wrong local pub then woe betide you.
The physio gets his fingers right into the joints and woe betide you if he doesn't particularly like you.
The outcome of this case says that we do not make the law and if we do not abide by Brussels' rules then woe betide you.
It appears that if you aren't for the Yes crusade, the deduction is you are against them - and woe betide you if this is the case.
And woe betide you if you don't pay up because the next letter will be even nastier.
But woe betide you if you turn up looking like poor Mr Bates.