woe betide (one)

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woe betide (one)

Unpleasant things will happen to one. And woe betide anyone who tries to ruin my plans!
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ˌwoe beˈtide somebody

(formal or humorous) there will be trouble for somebody: Woe betide anyone who arrives late!
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woe betide (someone)

1. Used to express the wish for someone to experience misfortune.
2. Used as a warning or allusion to negative consequences: "Even though my dad was no farmer, he was a crack shot and a very good hunter&.... woe betide the unwary moose that wandered down from Canada" (Howard Frank Mosher).
See also: betide, woe
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but hey, if we don't put the bins out facing the right way woe betide us!!!!!
Without getting party political about this, we are going to hear politicians of the main parties telling us that there will be better days ahead after May if we enable them to form the next government, but woe betide us if we let any of the other lot in!
In my school days, girls were never allowed to wear trousers of any kind for school, so in the winter we would get to school in trousers early enough to nip into the toilets and remove them and don our skirts - and woe betide us if we got caught even doing that.
"The institution of the governor and the central bank is independent," he said."The office of the attorney general is an equally independent institution and I wonder what the position is of electoral teams or parties when they intervene in matters dealing with two purely independent bodies that are regulated by the constitution," Katsourides said."Woe betide us if party interventions stop investigations that bear -- according to the attorney general -- on matters of national security," he said.Police spokesman Andreas Angelides was forced to repeat his chief's positions yesterday."Any person who knows anything that might help the investigations or needs to offer an explanation, will be [asked to do so]," he said when asked whether any politicians would be questioned.
We moaned and groaned but woe betide us if we didn't do our share.
Woe betide us if we forget about the devastating significance of this illness or take for granted that it will never return.
Woe betide us if we forget to fill in these forms, as the audits that accompany them are also endless, with the results displayed on the wafts for all to see just how derelict in our duty we have been.
Woe betide us if there are any non sequiturs in our evidence.
But woe betide us if the Pakhtoon Taleban morph into the Punjabi Taleban.
And you shall be utterly humbled." There will be just one single cry, and they will all begin to see, and will say: "Woe betide us! This is the Day of Judgment!"
Recycling is rightly of course a part of daily life for us all now and woe betide us if we use the brown bin rather than the blue or the green!
Woe betide us if ever someone decides that trees have private parts--they'll all be decked out in doilies overnight."
Woe betide us, though, if those who fund our conferences find out that '@style' can produce such valuable scholarly work.
'And he said 'Woe betide us if England ever get their act together, they'll rule the world.' Of course that's what happened.
David James is rapidly regaining his Calamity tag, a couple of injuries to Sol Campbell and John Terry would leave the defence wrecked and woe betide us if we play Emile Heskey up front.