woe betide

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woe betide (one)

Unpleasant things will happen to someone. And woe betide anyone one who tries to ruin my plans!
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woe betide (someone)

1. Used to express the wish for someone to experience misfortune.
2. Used as a warning or allusion to negative consequences: "Even though my dad was no farmer, he was a crack shot and a very good hunter&.... woe betide the unwary moose that wandered down from Canada" (Howard Frank Mosher).
See also: betide, woe
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If anyone can find that person Fischer can, but until he does his work and his battle with the bureaucrats will continue--and woe betide anyone who tries to stop him
And woe betide any nation that tries to compete with the United States militarily.
Woe betide the chef who set before him what His Highness did not deem a dainty dish.
And woe betide the employer who hints to a lower-level worker that he might get ahead faster if he availed himself of that good old American tradition, the accent-reduction course.
And woe betide the reactionary master who confused customary right with privilege.
But woe betide you if you are unfortunate enough to lose your job.
They don't agree with everything their politicians do any more than we in the UK agree with everything our politicians do and we are just as capable of evil doing as any other race, but woe betide anyone who suggests such a thing.
Sunday it's Mother's Day and woe betide any man who forgets this.
Woe betide the MP who puts his or her financial interests first.
Moreover, woe betide any suggestion of creating an efficient, mixed economy.
The Holmfirth Duck Race would become a little more challenging as many of the plastic ducks may disappear into the bellies of walruses and giant squid - and woe betide the poor volunteers who have to wade in to free the inevitable stuck ducks.
With a handshake that's firm and a piercing gaze, It's clear to all those who see him each day, That as ever he will strive to reach for the sky, And woe betide anyone who gets in his way Genuine in his efforts, He has established an excellent rapport, With everyone he deals with, He has earned unlimited support In a few months time we hope to see, The Boro back where it should be, I've no doubt it will be a very hard slogga, But our thanks will go to the man they call Mogga
And woe betide if you forget to book that bag in online.
They are beholden to the club for access to the players, told what they can say, interview only the select players and woe betide any reporting of a critical nature.
Penn can threaten Marilyn, break into Summer Bay House, or pick a fight with Palmer, but woe betide him as soon as he dares to threaten the kids - that's just a step too far.