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wobble about

 and wobble around
to rock, quiver, or flounder around. The little baby wobbled about and finally fell. The vase wobbled around a little and fell over.
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n. a hangover; the delirium tremens. Freddy had the snozzle-wobbles this morning. He has no idea what caused it.
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These wobbles can be produced if the moon contains a weirdly shaped, rocky core or if a sub-surface ocean exists beneath its icy shell.
We've officially passed 10,000 people who have played Wobbles.
Ceiling fan blades and blade holders are usually sold in sets of three, four, or five, but if you were to only replace one blade the difference in weight could cause the fan to wobble or vibrate.
Just as Wobbles ensures that he does not let down the children at the birthday party, this book will not let down its readers.
TONING TREATMENTS Try these products for a quick wobble fix .
To encourage users to spread the word, it will soon be possible to share Wobbles with friends via SMS, magically including the animated parts of a photo (again it could be a shaking leg or a wobbling - well you get the picture).
Its radial-velocity wobble emerged only when the team combined its own star-velocity measurements with others published by a different team, at Geneva Observatory in Europe.
The primary triggering factors are profile (size and shape), wobble, flash, noise, and vibration.
If the fan still wobbles, purchase a blade balancing kit at a home-improvement store.
Those bursts induce the spins to wobble, which causes the nuclei to emit their own radio signals.
With their reputation for never standing still, Weebles have also been modernised - the familiar egg-shaped bottom has been replaced with a wheel- like device which not only wobbles but allows the Weeble to roll along.
A star wobbles on its axis when orbiting bodies like planets exert gravitational pull (force of attraction between bodies of matter).
Why the Earth wobbles has always been a mystery to scientists.
I put the glass on top of my head, pulling myself up straight, the glass wobbles, I lift my arms up for balance, that's better, I'm getting it now," Doty writes in his slyly comic memoir Firebird out this month from Harper-Collins.
The resulting image will be so sharp that astronomers should detect wobbles, in nearby stars, caused by planets almost as small as Earth.