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1. slang An acute attack of delirium resulting from withdrawal or abstinence from alcohol after excessive, prolonged use, especially in the case of alcoholism; known medically as delirium tremens (the "DTs"). I need a drink really badly, I'm getting the snozzle-wobbles like crazy. Some of the people who come to these meetings have the snozzle-wobbles so bad that they can barely sit in their chairs.
2. slang The effects of an especially bad hangover. You're going to get some awful snozzle-wobbles if you keep drinking that cheap vodka.

wobble about

 and wobble around
to rock, quiver, or flounder around. The little baby wobbled about and finally fell. The vase wobbled around a little and fell over.
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n. a hangover; the delirium tremens. Freddy had the snozzle-wobbles this morning. He has no idea what caused it.
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It slowed due to friction with the surface and, upon coming to its final resting place, wobbled back and forth five times.
That was a disaster," sighed the commentator as Corden wobbled out of contention - a pretty fair summary of the show as it happens.
Evidence indicates that Mars' spin axis has wobbled significantly in the last several million years, periodically cooling the equatorial region and warming the poles as they received more sunlight.
The miniature toys, originally launched in the UK in 1973 with arguably the most famous strapline in history, wobbled into obscurity in 1997 when they ceased to be produced.
By maintaining the physical surface layout with wobbled land and groove features, this format maintains DVD-RAM's high address reliability and data integrity.
The man leaned back on his stool, wobbled a bit, squinted his eyes, and then sort of shot forward, catching himself just before his momentum crushed him against the bar.
However, in the new data analysis, physicists found that the muons wobbled faster than predicted by the standard model, the prevailing theory of particle physics.