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1. slang An acute attack of delirium resulting from withdrawal or abstinence from alcohol after excessive, prolonged use, especially in the case of alcoholism; known medically as delirium tremens (the "DTs"). I need a drink really badly, I'm getting the snozzle-wobbles like crazy. Some of the people who come to these meetings have the snozzle-wobbles so bad that they can barely sit in their chairs.
2. slang The effects of an especially bad hangover. You're going to get some awful snozzle-wobbles if you keep drinking that cheap vodka.

wobble about

 and wobble around
to rock, quiver, or flounder around. The little baby wobbled about and finally fell. The vase wobbled around a little and fell over.
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n. a hangover; the delirium tremens. Freddy had the snozzle-wobbles this morning. He has no idea what caused it.
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Wobble had met Liebezeit in 1983 when he collaborated with the drummer, Can bassist/theorist Holger Czukay and U2's the Edge on the proto-world music jam, Snakecharmer.
Today he runs his own label, 30 Hertz Records, and regularly tours as 'Jah Wobble in Dub'.
Jah Wobble brings his Chinese Dub to Liverpool; It's a chance for the children to improve their skills
GOING WITH THE SWAY: Some of the 2,000 people who helped test the bridge for wobble
The NIST comb has the inherent capability to measure star wobble of just a few centimeters per second, 100 times better, although limitations in the spectrograph and in the stability of the star itself may constrain the ultimate precision.
The Australian star said: "It's amazing to get the wobble board on the film.
After leaving PiL Wobble formed The Human Condition then the multi-cultural dub-pop outfit Invaders of the Heart.
Expecting the unexpected comes as standard with Wobble, or John Wardle, to give him his real name.
Fortunately, Earth's motion is known with extreme accuracy, so astronomers can (and do) subtract it out of the measurements to detect wobbles as small as a few meters per second in distant stars.
That field then forces the arrow to wobble, or precess, as the shaft of an unsteady top does.
The wily Wobble had decided to start up whilst the crowds were still filing in, doors open, lights up, in the manner of an
A moon would induce a wobble in the planet's orbit, so the planet's position and velocity would differ slightly on each transit.