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Witting told Der" Spiegel Online that "it was supposed to be a homage to the American lifestyle and the new US President.
14) For comment upon the High Court's tendency to denigrate conceptualism, see Christian Witting, 'Tort Law, Policy and the High Court of Australia' (2007) 31 Melbourne University Law Review 569, 571.
The people favoring nuclear energy are accomplices in this dangerous fraud, witting or otherwise.
Closer to the truth is that Black women have become witting victims of shady statistics.
Grandfather's Dance, the fifth in the series that began with Sarah, Plain and Tall, is a touching finale to the Witting family saga.
We can't afford to lose, but we don't seem willing or witting enough to win.
Said the lawmaker in an interview after the hearing: "Whether it's witting or unwitting, once you find out that you've been complicit with a dictatorship--you've got to reform what you're doing.
You must always be witting to give 100 percent and to work as if you are always in the spotlight.
Bangladesh should expand its anti-corruption efforts to reduce the witting and unwitting complicity of officials in trafficking.
The other candidates and witting collaborators in the press got him wrong every time.
Identify and rescue witting and unwitting child victims.
Jim Ellis considers the denial of Petrarchism (via Ovid) through heterosexual alienation of the subject from language uses according to Luce Irigaray and Monique Witting.
Nowadays many would prefer to forget it, lest its memory serve as a reproach against those who were witting or unwitting apologists for appeasement.