witness for

witness for someone or something

to serve as a witness for some person or some deed. They could find no one to witness to something witness for the accused person. The police found someone to witness for the hour of the crime.
See also: witness
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That, the lofty example of this immaculate and unimpeachable witness for the Crown, to refer to whom however unworthily was an honour, had communicated itself to the prisoner's servant, and had engendered in him a holy determination to examine his master's table-drawers and pockets, and secrete his papers.
The following thoughts on corporate deposition preparation address several issues that are critical to successfully preparing a corporate witness for deposition.
While it is impossible to address all of these with a witness, and it may be advisable not to educate the witness as to topics about which he has no knowledge, it is important to prepare the witness for these questions coming from outside the immediate facts of the case and discuss how to handle the questions.
We North American Lutherans need to become acquainted with Palestinian Lutherans in the Holy Land and determine how we can support them in their witness for peace in that volatile situation.
In federal courts, CPAs have to provide a list of cases for which they have served as an expert witness for the past four years, pursuant to Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, so opposing attorneys can always pull prior testimony from those cases," says Ann Wilson, CPA, former chair of the CalCPA Litigation Sections.
The first step that an investigative agency must undertake to request a witness for the Program is to work with the prosecuting U.
1999), the court held that a client could sue his expert witness for negligence if the expert fails to exercise the care and skill common to his profession in forming his opinions on the client's case.
The point is that with high stakes at risk in most insurance litigation, such as the recent World Trade Center single/dual event litigation, neither side can take the chance of relying on just one expert witness for the case.
Marvin Strait, CPA, of Colorado Springs, Colorado, a former AICPA board chairman who has worked as an expert witness for more than ten years.
Many lawyers don't like to focus on the weaknesses of a case, so they make only a desultory effort to prepare a witness for cross-examination.
With this design, each of the three witnesses will appear as the first, second or third to witness for different juries.
A good rule of thumb is to spend at least three hours of preparation time with the witness for every hour of planned testimony.
In the months, or even years, ahead, his role will be that of a witness for the government.
The compensation to be paid the witness for the study or testimony
This preparation-which is ethical and entirely proper helps educate the attorney and readies the witness for trial.