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The candidates knew not only how to preen and parade, they also knew how to answer well-and without skipping a beat.
Without skipping a beat, Briggs transformed the 56-employee company from a mechanical contractor into a general contractor, solicited the expertise of several mentors within the industry, and began vying for public projects.
Fries handled all construction aspects of the project and enabled us to meet a tight deadline, keep on budget and successfully move 200 staff without skipping a beat in terms of our publishing business.
Without skipping a beat, Stewart sings the admiration he has for all those of the past who created their soulful works, allowing him to stretch the limits of music, harmony and thought.
Deciding to return to her parents' home in Boston, Ferrick booked a flight and, without skipping a beat, picked up a beautiful woman at the airport.
MacLaine's comic timing remains impeccable (recall how funny she was as a 'lovable' curmudgeon in 'Steel Magnolias') and, without skipping a beat, Lange wisely takes her cue from the 82-year-old acting legend.