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The attack took place on the desert road between Cairo and Ismailiya when the assailants in a car without number plates opened fire on the military vehicle, said the official.
He became suspicious when the two pieces of equipment, which were described as unfit for work, were seen parked in the Al Faya area of Abu dhabi, without number plates.
Jour says he ordered traffic officers on Wednesday to detain cars or motorbikes without number plates and valid insurance.
When the driver, with five passengers of Asian nationality, was driving a vehicle, without number plate, one of the vehicle's tires burst and led the vehicle to swerve off towards the left side and then it rolled-over.
Last year, police in the provincial capital banned motorbikes without number plates and seized more than 600 motorcycles from violators of traffic laws.
At last, Dimitrovski adds that the assessment of the International Crisis Group - that with a different editorial policy, the newspaper wishes to attract government advertisements is ridiculous, adding that without number, such qualification is a simple political pamphlet.
Without number one Paul Calloway, the side put up a good fight with several close games and Richard Jardim highlighted this spirit coming back twice from 10-6 down in the final set to win both matches.
The CPO also ordered keeping strict vigil of suspected vehicles without number plates or having fake number plates and tainted glasses.
Sadly, though, they will have to do manage without number eight Phil Harrison this weekend.
Britain, playing without number one Andy Murray who controversially opted to skip this testing clay court examination, were predictably crushed.
They will not dispense or sell petrol to anyone for a vehicle without number plates.
The pair entered the store in Leyes Lane wearing motorcycle helmets and tied up a male and a female, forced the manager to open the safe, and stole an undisclosed quantity of money before leaving on a motorbike without number plates.
The 26-year-old dancer has had his licence taken away after he failed to cough up two pounds 142 fines for not paying on a toll road and driving without number plates.
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