without fear or favour

without fear or favor

Without pressure from or partiality to any person or other external influence. One of the foundations of our country is to have a press that can publish stories without fear or favor—if politicians start threatening the press, it would undermine our very democracy. Finding a judge who will try a case against one of the infamous Zamboni Brothers without fear or favor is going to be more difficult than you think.
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without fear or favour

not influenced by any consideration of the people involved in a situation; impartially.
1996 Japan Times It should be possible if all officials involved in the election process are allowed to work without fear or favour and keep their impartiality.
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without ˌfear or ˈfavour

(British English) (American English without ˌfear or ˈfavor) (formal) (judge, decide something, etc.) in a completely fair way without being influenced by anybody: The newspaper reprinted the facts, without fear or favour.
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Finance Minister Arun Jaitley has urged the CEOs of public sector banks (PSBs) to work professionally without fear or favour and take objective measures to curb the growing non-perorming assets (NPAs).
In a review meeting with heads of banks and funding agencies, Jaitley clearly asked banks to carry out lending on the basis of objective due diligence without being unduly conservative, in a fully transparent manner without fear or favour.