without (so much as) a by-your-leave

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without (so much as) a by-your-leave

dated Without even giving notice or asking for permission. The phrase often implies that the speaker is frustrated, exasperated, or offended by what has been done. He borrows my car without so much as a by-your-leave, and I'm supposed to thank him for bringing it back in one piece? I don't think so. The four developers just up and left without a by-your-leave to go set up their own company.
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without (so much as) a (for or) by your leave

without (the least hint of) asking for permission. Without so much as a for or by your leave, they just walked into our house. He left, without a by your leave.
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without (so much as) a ˌby your ˈleave

(old-fashioned) without asking permission; rudely: What do you think you’re doing, coming in here without so much as a by your leave?
Leave in this phrase means ‘permission’.
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