in view

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in (someone's) view

In someone's opinion. And what, in your view, would be the best way to go about solving this problem? In my view, this tax should be abolished altogether!
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in view

1. Within the range of vision; able to be seen; visible. Wait until the enemy soldiers are in view before beginning your attack.
2. As a point of regard, deliberation, or careful attention; under consideration. Let's keep that idea in view for the board meeting next week.
3. As a goal, end, or achievement being sought. With the championship in view, the team began training harder than ever before.
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in view

1. Also, within view. Visible, in sight, as in The end of the project is in view, or The mountains are just within view. [Mid-1500s]
2. Under consideration, as in Let's keep this suggestion in view while we talk about the project. [Mid-1600s]
3. As an end or goal one aims at. For example, With the coming election in view, we should present a united front on the issues. [Early 1700s] Also see in view of.
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(have, etc. something) in ˈview

(formal) (have, etc.) something as an idea, plan, etc. in your mind: What the protesters have in view is a world without nuclear weapons.He wanted to get rich, and he went abroad with this end in view.
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References in classic literature ?
I never passed within view of it without admiring its situation, and grieving that no one should live in it.
Well within view stood the washhand-stand to which Emily had alluded.
He experienced a thrill of amazement when he came within view of a battery in action.
They now walked on together quietly, till within view of the vicarage pales, when a sudden resolution, of at least getting Harriet into the house, made her again find something very much amiss about her boot, and fall behind to arrange it once more.
Almost before her misgiving at the news could find time to shape itself she took, under her companion's direction, two of the most beautiful of the Hamburghs in her arms, and followed the maid-servant, who had likewise taken two, to the adjacent mansion, which, though ornate and imposing, showed traces everywhere on this side that some occupant of its chambers could bend to the love of dumb creatures--feathers floating within view of the front, and hen-coops standing on the grass.
"In Meryton they parted; the two youngest repaired to the lodgings of one of the officers' wives, and Elizabeth continued her walk alone, crossing field after field at a quick pace, jumping over stiles and springing over puddles with impatient activity, and finding herself at last within view of the house, with weary ankles, dirty stockings, and a face glowing with the warmth of exercise.
When I had passed the vale where my bower stood, as above, I came within view of the sea to the west, and it being a very clear day, I fairly descried land - whether an island or a continent I could not tell; but it lay very high, extending from the W.
Toward the front and the door he made his way when once his nose had assured him that Meriem lay within; but as he rounded the side and came within view of the entrance he saw a burly Negro armed with a long spear squatting at the portal of the girl's prison.
A few steps more over the broken ground brought me within view of the Well, and of the high boulder or rock from the foot of which the waters gushed brightly in the light of the moon.
Vancouver visited the river, and his lieutenant, Broughton, explored it by the aid of Captain Gray's chart; ascending it upwards of one hundred miles, until within view of a snowy mountain, to which he gave the name of Mt.
She seemed about to say more; but while she was speaking, we came within view of the turnpike, at the top of the Avenue Road.
The Outlaw's opinion proved true; and the King, attended by Ivanhoe, Gurth, and Wamba, arrived, without any interruption, within view of the Castle of Coningsburgh, while the sun was yet in the horizon.
I say it kept hope alive; and indeed it seemed impossible that I should be left to die on the shores of my own country, and within view of a church-tower and the smoke of men's houses.
He did not care to be seen watch in hand within view of the hotel, and his unaided reckoning of the lapse of time led him to conclude that, if Madame Olenska was so long in reappearing, it could only be because she had met the emissary and been waylaid by him.
This evil had been felt and lamented, at least three times a day, by Isabella since her residence in Bath; and she was now fated to feel and lament it once more, for at the very moment of coming opposite to Union Passage, and within view of the two gentlemen who were proceeding through the crowds, and threading the gutters of that interesting alley, they were prevented crossing by the approach of a gig, driven along on bad pavement by a most knowing-looking coachman with all the vehemence that could most fitly endanger the lives of himself, his companion, and his horse.
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